Question:How does the College Credit for Heroes program work?

Answer: If you are active military or a veteran in Texas, you are eligible to request an official evaluation of your military educational experiences. (1) Set up a College Credit for Heroes (CCH) account. (2) Request an Evaluation of your military educational experiences. (3) Request a transcript of credits awarded sent to a participating college in Texas or another Texas college.

(4) Contact your participating Texas college or another Texas College to discuss your educational goals. The advisor at your college determines what credits will be accepted toward a degree or certificate program. If you’ve attended other colleges, you may be asked to provide official transcripts from prior colleges attended.

Question: What is the CCH System?

Answer: It’s a set of databases that allow you to view recommended college courses that may be awarded for military training based on your search. You can search Army and Marine Corps MOSs; Coast Guard and Navy Ratings; selected military courses; CCAF course equivalencies; and CLEP, DANTES (DSST), and Excelsior examinations.

Question: Can anyone set up a College Credit for Heroes (CCH) account?

Answer: Only eligible Texas veterans, active duty military in Texas, or a military/veteran planning to relocate to Texas within the next 120 days can set up a CCH account.

Question: What is the difference between “Searching” only and College Credit for Heroes (CCH) account?

Answer: The Search for Credit recommendations are available to all website visitors. The login is required for Servicemembers and Veterans only who wish to request a military evaluation.

Question:How can I receive credit for my military experience?

Answer: Complete the Official Evaluation Request that is accessible through your CCH account and request your military transcript such as your JST (Joint Service Transcript) for Army/Navy/Marine Corps, or CCAF transcript be sent to College Credit for Heroes, P.O. Box 1800, Killeen, Texas 76540-1800. Review “Get Started” on the website for more information.

DD214, member copy 2 or 4,  is required for all prior/retired military in addition to the JST for Army/Navy/Marine Corps, and/or CCAF (Air Force) transcript.

Question:I am not eligible to receive a JST (Joint Services Transcript) how can I obtain a military evaluation?

Answer: Every Army, Navy, Marine And Coastie is eligible even if they served before SMART/AARTS or JST.  Just need a copy of the DD 214 to build.
If you were in the:

  • Navy, provide copies of your DD 214 and certificates for training not listed.
  • Marine Corps, provide copies of your DD 214 and certificates for training not listed and a copy of your ITSS and MATMEP if held 6000 series MOS.
  • Army, provide copies of your DD 214 and certificates of training not listed or submit DA 1059 in lieu of certificates and provide an NCOER or Commander’s Certification for each MOS held (proof of proficiency required).
  • Air Force, request an official Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript.

Question:What is the difference between an “unofficial” and “official” military evaluation?

Answer: An unofficial evaluation can be done if you provide unofficial copies of your military transcripts and other documents; recommended military credits will not be posted on a transcript. An official evaluation is based on official military documents being received and credits will be posted on a transcript.

Question: Is credit awarded for CLEP, DANTES (DSST), and/or Excelsior (ECE) exams?

Answer: If test(s) and score(s) are on the AARTS or SMART, your results will be evaluated. You may also request official transcripts from the testing agency be sent to CCH via CTC.  However, exams must be taken within seven (10) years.

Question: How long will it take to process my evaluation request?

Answer: Once all documents are received, you should receive your results in 2-3 weeks, unless more additional research or information is needed. You may login to your CCH account to view the status of your request at any time or contact us via messaging through the CCH portal or email [email protected]

Question:How will I receive the evaluation results?

You will be notified of the status of your request throughout the evaluation process via messages from the CCH portal and/or email. Once completed/finalized the completed evaluation will be available to view and download from your CCH account.

Question:How can I submit my awarded military credits to another institution?

Military credits will be posted on an official transcript that can be sent to any Texas college and/or to you. Use the transcript request form accessible through your CCH account.

Question:The CCH Evaluation Request did not have a place to add a program of study. Why?

Your CCH evaluation is for military training and selected credits by exam. Contact the participating Texas college listed on this website or another Texas college to discuss a program of study. Request a CCH transcript sent to the Texas college of your choice.

Question:What degree or certificate programs are offered?

The “Participating Colleges” webpage provides links to each college’s website. Browse the program offerings on the college websites and then contact the college that offers a program of your interest.

Question:How can I find out if my military credits will fit into a degree program that I am interested in?

The CCH program is in its second year of implementation. The seven original Texas colleges participating in the initial project and the additional colleges that joined since then are listed under “Partner Colleges”.  Contact the college of your choice or another Texas college. Request an official CCH transcript be sent to your selected school.

Question:How can my college become a participating college in this project?

If your college is in the state of Texas, please contact the Texas Workforce Commission at or [email protected]